Athletic Training: Athletic Insurance Information

The Lynn University Athletic Training staff makes every effort to create the safest environment possible for athletic participation. Unfortunately, injuries do occur. As a result, Lynn University has purchased a secondary insurance policy for all student-athletes. Please note that our insurance policy only covers injuries sustained during supervised participation in intercollegiate athletics and that all medical bills are in your name.  Refer to the Insurance Claims Procedure for important information regarding your role in assuring all invoices are processed in a timely fashion.

Lynn University requires all student-athletes competing in intercollegiate athletics to provide proof of health insurance coverage prior to any participation.  Your personal health insurance plan will act as a primary carrier for all medical coverage.  All students will be automatically enrolled in the Lynn University insurance plan (through AIG) unless they waive out through AIG’s website.  Any international student must also provide proof of insurance and waive out of AIG.  If a prospective student-athlete does not have primary insurance, they will be enrolled through AIG Insurance

The Lynn University Athletics Department’s insurance policy (Mutual of Omaha) is a secondary policy, providing up to 100% payment of the medical costs not covered by your primary insurance, up to $75,000 per intercollegiate athlete, per year. Coverage provided by Mutual of Omaha is limited in its services up to 52 weeks exactly past the initial injury date.

On behalf of the Athletics Department and the Athletic Training staff, thank you for your cooperation in this important matter. Feel free to contact Jen Eick (561-237-7049) if you have any questions.

Insurance Claim Procedures

Lynn University has purchased an insurance policy for all student-athletes in the event of an injury during supervised practice or competition.

The athletic insurance is secondary coverage and is subject to the following limitations:

  1. Only injuries sustained during a game or supervised practice will be covered.
  2. Medical expenses will only be covered if a member of the Athletic Training staff refers the athlete. Non-referred visits or expenses will not be covered by this policy and as such, will be considered the athlete’s responsibility.
  3. If you are a member of an HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) or PPO (Preferred Provider Organization), you must provide us with the authorized medical vendors from your list. If you choose not to use the plan's authorized medical vendors, be aware that our coverage will not pay the bills that otherwise would have been honored had you used the proper medical vendors.
  4. During the course of the school year, should an athlete’s insurance coverage change, the Athletic Training Department must be notified immediately. Failure to do so will terminate Lynn University’s financial responsibility for any medical expenses incurred.
  5. Secondary coverage is provided for expenses incurred in excess of your primary insurance coverage. Secondary coverage means that claims must be filed with the primary or family insurance first before this coverage comes into effect. This supplemental coverage is designed to pick up any remaining balance not covered by the primary insurance. The bills incurred will be in the student’s name and must be submitted to the family insurance company. This coverage is limited to medical bills incurred within 52 weeks following the date of injury.
  6. All subsequent bills/Explanation of Benefits (EOB) must be submitted to the Athletic Training staff within 10 days from the time you receive them. If you fail to submit them during this time period, you will be responsible for the remaining balances.

What to do when a claim is filed

All medical bills for your son/daughter incurred as the result of an injury during intercollegiate athletics will be sent directly to your son or daughter or to your home address. The Athletic Department may get a copy of the bill, but in no case will the Athletic Department be the primary place for the bill to be sent.

  1. Submit all bills to your private insurance company. They will do one of the following:
    •    Honor the claim by paying a portion of the entire bill.
    •    Not honor the claim and send you a letter of denial.
  2. If there remains a balance after your insurance acted on the claim, or a total denial of coverage was received, send the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) sheet and bill to the address below:
    Athletic Training
    Attn: Insurance Claims
    3601 N Military Trail
    Boca Raton, FL 33431
  3. If the bills incurred are not paid by your private insurance company, a claim will be sent to the athletic insurance carrier (Mutual of Omaha) for processing.* If Mutual of Omaha requires any additional information, please cooperate with them in processing the claim. It is in your best interest to have the claim settled promptly because all bills incurred are in your name. Payment on the injury claim is contingent on the nature and circumstances of the injury, and the extent of the insurance coverage.

Important: It must be stressed that your private insurance must either pay or decline to pay before our insurance will act on any bills. You must provide us with the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) form from your insurance company showing that you have submitted all bills. It is also important for you to send us any bills with a remaining balance due.