Current Lynn University Student-Athletes

Lynn University is committed to operating a competitive intercollegiate athletics program in compliance with NCAA, Sunshine State Conference, and Lynn University regulations. Accordingly, each student-athlete has a responsibility to familiarize themselves with the NCAA Policies concerning eligibility and amateurism, as well as the Lynn University Athletic Policies for student-athletes. Below are links to assist you with this responsibility. 

Extra Benefits and Awards

An extra benefit is any special arrangement by an institutional employee, a representative of the institution's athletics interests, or booster to provide a student-athlete or the student-athlete's relative or friend a benefit not expressly authorized by NCAA legislation. Receipt of a benefit by student-athletes or their relatives or friends is not a violation of NCAA legislation, if it is demonstrated that the same benefit is generally available to the institution's students or their relatives or friends or to a particular segment of the student body. 

A student-athlete who receives an award, benefit or expense allowance not authorized by NCAA rules will be deemed immediately ineligible for athletic competition in the sport for which the improper award, benefit or expense was received. 

An award is an item given in recognition of athletic participation or performance. Student-athletes should not accept any awards, or anything that might be perceived as an "extra benefit" until they have received prior permission from their coach and/or the Athletic Compliance Office.

Athletics Equipment

Bylaw states that “A student-athlete may not accept free of charge, or purchase at a discounted or reduced price, athletics equipment, supplies or clothing (e.g., tennis racquets, golf clubs, hockey sticks, balls, shirts) from a manufacturer or commercial enterprise, that is not offered to the general student body. Such items may be provided to the student-athlete's institution, to be used by the institution's team in accordance with accepted practices for issuance and retrieval of athletics equipment. Exception. A student-athlete may purchase equipment necessary for practice and competition from a manufacturer at the institution's discounted or reduced rate and retain the equipment, provided: (Adopted: 8/26/15)

(a) Such equipment is not otherwise provided to student-athletes by the institution;

(b) The institution certifies the equipment is necessary for practice and competition and not for personal use; and

(c) The institution approves the transaction.

In order to comply with Bylaw and the Exception, Bylaw, any necessary equipment that a Lynn Student-Athlete would like to purchase using the Adidas discount must be requested using the form below. 

Equipment Order Form

NCAA Drug Testing Information

NCAA Drug Testing Website

Drug Free Sports Axis (Use to check a supplement or prescription for banned substances. The password is ncaa2.)

Playing and Practice Seasons Information/ Countable Athletic Related Activities (CARA)

Countable Activities Flyer

Countable and Non-countable Athletically Related Activities Chart

Outside Competition Information

Outside competition is athletics competition against any other outside athletics team (including an alumni team) that does not represent the intercollegiate athletics program of the same institution. A student-athlete may not participate during the academic year as a member of any outside team in any non-collegiate, amateur competition. To do so would render that student-athlete ineligible for the rest of that academic year and for the next academic year. 

A student-athlete may compete outside of the institution's declared playing and practice season as a member of an outside team in any non-collegiate, amateur competition during any official vacation period published in the institution's catalog.

If you plan to participate in outside competition during an official vacation period or outside of your declared playing season, please submit a pre-approval form, which can be found on your ACS account, to the Athletic Compliance Office in a timely manner before participation begins.