Lynn University Fighting Knights Identity

On April 29, 2014, Lynn University developed a new brand for its NCAA Division II Fighting Knights. The university collaborated with student-athletes, student leaders, faculty, staff and community supporters to develop new brand guidelines and a new visual identity to champion Lynn’s champions. The Fighting Knights are winners of 25 national titles and 42 conference titles.

New Fighting Knights Brand Identity

Featuring a shield and knight’s helmet, the new Fighting Knights logo represents spirit, service and strength. The shield exemplifies service and team spirit. The Fighting Knight helmet symbolizes nobility and leadership. Facing forward, it greets opponents with confidence. Its blue and white face signifies physical and mental strength, intimidating with both brains and brawn.

Championship Icon

An emblem of victory in battle, the Lynn Championship Sword represents the university’s 25 (and counting) national titles.

Color and Typography

Lynn has added gray to its traditional blue and white color palette for athletics. Gray expresses maturity and intelligence. Lynn Blue epitomizes confidence and integrity, and white stands for good and represents humility. All three colors will be incorporated into Fighting Knights uniforms, apparel and promotional items starting in fall 2014.

The new Fighting Knights logo font slants forward, as if rushing headlong into battle. Its sense of motion represents the university’s agility, speed and forward-thinking culture. New uniforms for Lynn’s athletic teams will feature a variation of the university’s Adobe Garamond typeface, which has been enhanced to ensure that it reproduces well on uniforms, apparel and promotional items.