Lynn SAAC Recognizes Sexual Assault Awareness Month with 'It's On Us' Campaign

Lynn SAAC Recognizes Sexual Assault Awareness Month with 'It's On Us' Campaign

BOCA RATON, Fla. - The Lynn University Student-Athlete Advisory Committee, as well as others around the country, recognizes April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month by releasing the "It's On Us" campaign in an effort to pledge a personal commitment to help keep women and men safe from sexual assault. 

"Lynn SAAC is proud to support the NCAA's 'It's On Us' campaign against sexual assault. We are looking forward to a future in which there is no longer sexual assaults on college campuses and are excited to be a part of this movement."

The NCAA Division I, II, and III SAACs have come together to create a Student-Athlete Day of Action, April 17. On this day, your Lynn SAAC asks that you and your fellow student athletes post to any and all social media accounts and using #ItsOnUs, as well as other hashtags, to make a statement in order to stop the obscenity that is sexual assualt on college campuses around the country. 

Suggested guidelines for the Day of Action:

1. Share the PSA. 

SAAC will be releasing the NCAA DII It's On Us video on twitter and instagram @lynn_saac, and on Facebook @LynnSAAC. Please repost and share on all your social media platforms.

2. Sign the pledge at 

Once the pledge is signed, we encourage you to let the website add the It's On Us filter on your profile picture. Please keep the new profile picture for the rest of April. 

2. The color associated with Sexual Assault Awareness Month is Teal. This is similar to the color of breast cancer awareness month being pink. To that effect, we strongly encourage all photographic posts to include the color teal.

3. Photos should include a "stop" gesture. This campaign will be most effective if student-athletes in photos have a consistent action. We suggest holding your hand up the "stop" gesture. It is also encouraged for participants to use language written on their hands such as, "No" or "No More". 

4. Advocacy Language. As a general rule, we suggest you do not give a title to those afflicted by sexual assault. This is because we want those individuals to title themselves in whichever way they feel appropriate. However, if unavoidable, those afflicted by sexual assault should be referred to as "survivors."

5. Appropriate Hashtags. These are as follows:

#ItsOnUs #NoMore #ItsOnUsAthlete #ItsOnUsNCAA #StudentAthleteDayOfAction #DayOfAction #ItsOnStudentAthletes #FightingKnightsAgainstSexualAssault #ItsOnUsLynn #ItsOnLynn #ItsOnFightingKnights #LynnTheFight