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2013-14 Lynn Men's Basketball Lynn Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 06, 2014) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FLORIDA MEMORIAL 11/09/13 84-62 W 25-HARRISON, Aar 9-HARRISON, Aar 7-CLYBURN, Kale 1-STAMPLEY, Hak 1-SCHOLL, Dante RAICKOVIC, Pa GULERSEN, Eri BIRTS, Michae LANDERS, Fred CLYBURN, Kale SMITH, Brando ASSUMPTION 11/17/13 58-56 W 17-HARRISON, Aar 7-HARRISON, Aar 5-CLYBURN, Kale 4-SOTO, Josh 3-LANDERS, Fred RAICKOVIC, Pa UPR MAYAGUEZ 11/20/13 96-85 W 21-HARRISON, Aar 9-STAMPLEY, Hak 9-CLYBURN, Kale 3-HARRISON, Aar 4-HARRISON, Aar UPR-RIO PIEDRAS 11/23/13 82-62 W 24-HARRISON, Aar 14-HARRISON, Aar 8-CLYBURN, Kale 3-STAMPLEY, Hak 5-THOMAS, Cory VALDOSTA STATE 11/30/13 80-81 OL 15-STAMPLEY, Hak 11-HARRISON, Aar 5-CLYBURN, Kale 3-STAMPLEY, Hak 2-THOMAS, Cory at Palm Beach Atlantic 12/04/13 86-76 W 19-CLYBURN, Kale 9-RAICKOVIC, Pa 4-CLYBURN, Kale 3-LANDERS, Fred 4-THOMAS, Cory at Florida Tech 12/7/13 81-103 L 19-HARRISON, Aar 14-HARRISON, Aar 5-STAMPLEY, Hak 1-CLYBURN, Kale 4-THOMAS, Cory SCHOLL, Dante HARRISON, Aar LANDERS, Fred STAMPLEY, Hak GWYNEDD-MERCY 11/16/13 61-79 L 16-HARRISON, Aar 7-HARRISON, Aar 6-CLYBURN, Kale 3-HARRISON, Aar 3-THOMAS, Cory LIVINGSTONE 12/20/13 78-87 OL 18-LANDERS, Fred 11-LANDERS, Fred 7-CLYBURN, Kale 1-HARRISON, Aar 4-THOMAS, Cory RAICKOVIC, Pa STAMPLEY, Hak CLYBURN, Kale CLAYTON STATE 12/21/13 75-63 W 22-HARRISON, Aar 11-HARRISON, Aar 6-CLYBURN, Kale 3-LANDERS, Fred 2-LANDERS, Fred PALM BEACH ATLANTIC 01/04/14 53-56 L 14-HARRISON, Aar 14-HARRISON, Aar 6-CLYBURN, Kale 3-HARRISON, Aar 2-STAMPLEY, Hak NOVA SOUTHEASTERN 01/08/14 57-62 L 20-HARRISON, Aar 14-HARRISON, Aar 8-CLYBURN, Kale 3-HARRISON, Aar 1-RAICKOVIC, Pa STAMPLEY, Hak SOTO, Josh HARRISON, Aar LANDERS, Fred FLORIDA SOUTHERN 01/13/14 74-85 L 28-LANDERS, Fred 12-HARRISON, Aar 7-HARRISON, Aar 4-HARRISON, Aar 2-LANDERS, Fred ROLLINS 01/15/14 70-67 W 18-STAMPLEY, Hak 11-HARRISON, Aar 4-LANDERS, Fred 3-HARRISON, Aar 2-STAMPLEY, Hak HARRISON, Aar at Tampa 01/18/14 46-51 L 17-HARRISON, Aar 13-THOMAS, Cory 3-CLYBURN, Kale 3-STAMPLEY, Hak 2-RAICKOVIC, Pa HARRISON, Aar at Barry 01/22/14 55-77 L 20-HARRISON, Aar 6-STAMPLEY, Hak 3-SMITH, Brando 2-HARRISON, Aar 3-RAICKOVIC, Pa SAINT LEO 01/25/14 64-78 L 18-HARRISON, Aar 12-RAICKOVIC, Pa 4-CLYBURN, Kale 2-HARRISON, Aar 3-RAICKOVIC, Pa CLYBURN, Kale at Eckerd 01/29/14 55-72 L 15-LANDERS, Fred 5-LANDERS, Fred 2-CLYBURN, Kale 3-LANDERS, Fred 2-THOMAS, Cory FLORIDA TECH 02/01/14 63-72 L 18-LANDERS, Fred 8-HARRISON, Aar 7-CLYBURN, Kale 3-RAICKOVIC, Pa 6-THOMAS, Cory at Florida Southern 02/08/14 71-94 L 21-LANDERS, Fred 7-HARRISON, Aar 6-CLYBURN, Kale 3-CLYBURN, Kale 3-THOMAS, Cory HARRISON, Aar RAICKOVIC, Pa at Nova Southeastern 02/12/14 79-81 L 28-HARRISON, Aar 11-HARRISON, Aar 6-CLYBURN, Kale 1-CLYBURN, Kale 2-BIRTS, Michae HARRISON, Aar SCHOLL, Dante TAMPA 02/15/14 60-66 L 17-LANDERS, Fred 6-THOMAS, Cory 3-CLYBURN, Kale 2-HARRISON, Aar 3-LANDERS, Fred at Rollins 02/19/14 49-73 L 14-HARRISON, Aar 9-RAICKOVIC, Pa 2-SMITH, Brando 1-BIRTS, Michae 1-HARRISON, Aar CLYBURN, Kale LANDERS, Fred RAICKOVIC, Pa HARRISON, Aar at Saint Leo 02/22/14 63-60 W 22-HARRISON, Aar 9-RAICKOVIC, Pa 5-CLYBURN, Kale 3-HARRISON, Aar 2-RAICKOVIC, Pa BARRY 2/26/14 78-82 L 23-HARRISON, Aar 5-THOMAS, Cory 7-CLYBURN, Kale 2-CLYBURN, Kale 4-THOMAS, Cory LANDERS, Fred STAMPLEY, Hak HARRISON, Aar
2013-14 Lynn Men's Basketball Lynn Game-by-Game Highs (as of Mar 06, 2014) All games Opponent Date Score WL POINTS REBOUNDS ASSISTS STEALS BLOCKED SHOTS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ECKERD 03/01/14 74-62 W 13-CLYBURN, Kale 7-SCHOLL, Dante 9-CLYBURN, Kale 2-CLYBURN, Kale 3-THOMAS, Cory THOMAS, Herb HARRISON, Aar vs Saint Leo 03/06/14 53-63 L 19-HARRISON, Aar 6-HARRISON, Aar 2-SMITH, Brando 2-HARRISON, Aar 2-HARRISON, Aar LANDERS, Fred SCHOLL, Dante STAMPLEY, Hak