All Americans

PING/GCAA All-America

Name Year Team
Toto Gana 2018-19 First Team
Giovanni Manzoni 2018-19 Second Team
Carlos Bustos 2018-19 Honorable Mention
Jorge Villar 2018-19 Honorable Mention
Manuel Torres 2017-18 Second Team
Toto Gana 2017-18 Second Team
Mateo Gomez 2016-17 Third Team
Felix Kvanrstrom 2016-17 Third Team
Manuel Torres 2016-17 Third Team
Mateo Gomez 2015-16 Second Team
Manuel Torres 2015-16 Third Team
Martin Cancino 2015-16 Honorable Mention
Jose Miranda 2015-16 Honorable Mention
Mateo Gomez 2014-15 First Team
Keith Greene 2014-15 Second Team
Jose Miranda 2014-15 Third Team
Martin Cancino 2014-15 Honorable Mention
Elliott Whitley 2014-15 Honorable Mention
Keith Greene 2013-14 Honorable Mention
Elliott Whitley 2013-14 Honorable Mention
Daniel Young 2012-13 First Team
Marcelo Rozo 2011-12 First Team
Daniel Young 2011-12 Honorable mention
Ricardo Gouveia 2010-11 First Team
Pepito Joia 2010-11 First Team
Daniel Young 2010-11 Honorable mention
Patricio Salem 2009-10 Third Team
Marcus Williams 2009-10 Honorable Mention
Steven Brame 2008-09 Third Team
Scott Aydelotte 2007-08 Honorable Mention
Jordan Holley 2007-08 Honorable Mention
Hoyt McGarity 2005-06 Second Team
Matt Bookatz 2005-06 Honorable Mention
Keir McNicoll 2005-06 Honorable Mention
Hoyt McGarity 2004-05 Second Team
Keir McNicoll 2004-05 Honorable Mention

PING/GCAA Freshman All-America

Name  Year Team
Agustin Errazuriz 2018-19 First Team
Giovanni Manzoni 2018-19 First Team
Jorge Villar 2017-18 First Team
Toto Gana 2016-17 First Team
Felix Kvarnstrom 2016-17 First Team
Ricardo Gouveia 2010-11 First Team
Pepito Joia 2010-11 First Team

PING/GCAA Phil Mickelson National Freshman of the Year

Name Year  
Felix Kvarnstrom 2016-17  
Ricardo Gouveia 2010-11  

NAIA All-America

Name Year Team
Andrew Farmer 1995-96  
Marc Grinberg 1995-96  
Andrew Farmer 1994-95  
Alan Fort 1994-95  
Henrik Nystrom 1993-94  
Henrik Nystrom 1992-93  
Doug Irwin 1989-90  
Ralph Garofano 1987-88  
Peter Cherry 1986-87  
Ralph Garofano 1986-87  
Richard McKillop 1986-87  
Peter Cherry 1984-85