Schults Sisters Take Over Lynn

The odds of making a college team are tough; the odds of two siblings making a team are even slimmer. However, Lynn has a dynamic duo on the women's soccer team in Kirstie and Summer Schults. Kirstie is a sophomore studying graphic design and Summer, whose real name is Marissa, is a freshman studying criminal justice.  After playing together three years at Merritt Island High School in Merritt Island, Fla., and winning a state championship in 2010, they reunited once again to bring their talents to Boca Raton.

Born and raised in Philadelphia by Darla and Kirk Schults, the sisters grew up in a sports family.  Both parents were athletes and although they never played soccer, they started Kirstie and Summer at a young age with coaching lessons by their British uncle.  Kirk would assist as best he could and was able to learn the game at the same time the girls were playing.  His knowledge has grown throughout the years to the point where he aides in their training in the summer months.  This type of support and involvement has been present in their daughters' lives since day one and carries over to making road trips to catch games. 

"Our parents are very strict, but also lenient," said Summer.  "They have always been a motivation to us and have always kept us on track. They taught us to have high standards, a direction in life and to capitalize on our education by getting good grades and staying out of trouble. We've always had a stable family upbringing; we are very blessed in that area." 

A move to Merritt Island came to the Schults family when the girls were teenagers.  And as can be expected, girls would be girls and the two developed a friendly sibling rivalry.  There were times that they competed against each other but for most of their lives they have played together on the same team. It was during their high school years that the sisters first realized they had that sister telepathy where they could predict each other's next move on the field.

"On the field, we know each other's strengths, weaknesses and speed as well," Summer added.  "When I see her running, I know where to place the ball because I know she will be able to get to it. When she sees me down the sideline with the ball, she knows to get to the box because I am going to cross it. One example off the field how we link together is that we sometimes have the same dreams." 

With only 20 months between them, Kirstie (19 years old) and Summer (18 years old) have been close since they were young.  They spend quality time with each other every day on and off the field and share in their common hobbies such as making art, watching movies, engaging in water sports, playing sports video games and listening to hardcore rap, such as Miami's own DJ Khaled, before every game to get pumped up.  With so much time together, an even more personal bond has developed between the two, to the point they are best friends.  They may argue like siblings but the true love and trust is evident.

 "Our parents are a big part of us being close because they put us in soccer jerseys at the same time and they put us on the same field.  So growing up together there was never 'one's doing this and the other is doing that.' We were doing the same things and our parents were guiding us in the same direction for our education and soccer," said Summer.  "Playing our whole lives, we've always been together.

Lynn University women's soccer head coach Chip Dutchik saw the potential and how special the Schults sisters were on and off the field and recruited them the same year. 

"I was first recruited by Chip my senior year while Summer was a junior and he actually asked me if it was OK if he could recruit her too," Kirstie said.  "When I visited Lynn I immediately knew this is where I wanted to go.  I liked Lynn University because of the beautiful campus, the small community feel and small class sizes.  Everyone made me feel at home and there hasn't been an instance since where I've felt put-off by people."

After spending a year apart, with Kirstie in college and Summer enjoying her senior year of high school, the sisters faced moving forward without each other permanently with Summer's college decision.  A number of schools made hard recruiting pitches but it was Kirstie's presence that helped Summer choose Lynn over everyone else

The duo feels blessed to be Fighting Knights together and Summer is proud to be following in her sister's footsteps. They are not roommates this year but they are always together along with their teammates. In fact, they consider their teammates their second family. 

"It's like having 23 sisters," added Kirstie. 

Even though they are very similar in ways, the two also have different personalities.  Kirstie is a little quieter but the wise leader of the two and is very protective of her sister, especially when it comes to the opposite sex. On several occasions Kirstie has even chased boys out of the house.  

Summer is more outgoing and talkative and is not afraid to speak her mind. She looks up to her sister and loves to hear Kirstie's advice and motivation. 

While Kirstie may be the dirtier of the two, Summer is considered the clean freak.  There have even been times when she has gone into Kirstie's room to clean up her mess.  Long considered individuals on the field who have each other's back while off the field, they are a two-for-one package. 

What can the Lynn community expect out of this powerful sister combination?  They give the Blue and White speed and scoring and, if healthy, hope to lead Lynn to many personal and team accolades side-by-side.  Both of them help the team in their own special way and have goals of winning a national championship before their tenure ends.   

"One cool thing is when we start, we stand together in [the announcements of the] line-ups," said Kirstie.

"She [Kirstie] puts her hand on my back during the national anthem and it is awesome knowing that my sister is right there besides me and that we are fighting together with our team," added Summer.

The sisters know what to expect from each other and what type of effort and player you are going to see on the field.  It's not a matter of 'if' she is going to show up but 'when.'

"Summer is one of those players who gives 100% effort all the time," Kirstie stated.  "She is going to beat that player going down the sideline and I know that she is going to get that cross off." 

Summer adds, "Kirstie is the player that everyone wants to give the ball to because she is going to make something happen. She is a huge playmaker and she will fight to get any ball to score that goal.  There is not a doubt in my mind that she will try her hardest every single minute of every game."

Watch out Sunshine State Conference because the Schults are looking to dominate for the next three years and lead Lynn to the promise land!