All-Sunshine State Conference

SSC Female Athlete of the Year

Name  Year   
Jannie Nicolaisen  1998-99  

Player of the Year

Name  Year   
Melissa Ortiz  2011  
Jannie Nicolaisen  1998   

Offensive Player of the Year

Name  Year   
Melissa Ortiz  2011   

Freshman of the Year 

Name  Year   
Melissa Ortiz 2008   
Marini Anderson  1998   

Coach of the Year 

Name Year   
Rocky Orezzoli 1998   

All-Sunshine State Conference 

Name  Year Team 
Anniina Sankoh 2019 First Team
Donish Henry-Cole 2018 Second Team
Gabriela Moriera 2018 Second Team
Emily Weisberg 2018 Second Team
Donish Henry-Cole 2017 First Team
Gabriela Moriera 2017 Second Team
Georgia Robert 2016 Second Team
Donish Henry-Cole 2015 Second Team
Kirstie Schults  2012 First Team
Melissa Ortiz  2011 First Team 
Lauren Impey  2011 Second Team
Melissa Ortiz  2010  Second Team 
Melissa Ortiz  2009  First team 
Mindy DeCara  2009 Second Team 
Brittany Evernden  2009  Honorable Mention
Melissa Ortiz 2008 First Team 
Mindy DeCara  2008 Second Team 
Molly Anderson  2007 First Team 
Courtney O'Connell 2007 Second Team 
Molly Anderson  2006 Second Team 
Courtney O'Connell 2006 Honorable Mention
Rebecca McCray 2005 First Team 
Kim Pyra  2005 First Team 
Bridget Penta  2005 Second Team 
Michelle Hoogveld 2004 First Team 
Piper Seaman  2004 First Team 
Maegan Vondal  2004 First Team 
Rebecca McCray  2004 Honorable Mention 
Piper Seaman  2003 Second Team
Piper Seaman  2002 First Team 
Alyssa Burleson  2002 Second Team 
Ashley Jarson  2002 Second Team 
Kim Covell 2002 Honorable Mention 
Kim Pyra 2002 Honorable Mention 
Kim Covell  2001  First Team 
Piper Seaman  2001 Second Team 
Sue Sheehan  2001 Second Team 
Marika Karlsson  2000 First Team 
Jannie Nicolaisen  2000 First Team 
Sarah Reed  2000 Second Team 
Christine Sawruk  2000 Second Team 
Sue Sheehand  2000 Second Team 
Michelle Cox 1999 First Team
Marika Karlsson  1999 First Team 
Marie Kolbert  1999 First Team 
Jannie Nicolaisen  1999 First Team 
Erin Warner  1999 First Team 
Katie Katzmark  1999 Second Team 
Sarah Reed 1999 Second Team 
Marini Anderson  1998 First Team 
Nikki Kalavitis 1998 First Team 
Marie Kolbert  1998 First Team 
Jannie Nicolaisen  1998 First Team 
Adele Talamo 1998 First Team 
Gina Boechler  1998  Second Team 
Katie Katzmark  1998 Second Team 
Sue Sheehand 1998 Second Team 
Karin Svensson  1998 Second Team 
Michelle Cox 1998 Honorable Mention